AMI Waterfall
AMI Display im laufenen Wasserstrahl im Vollbetrieb Touch Schankanlage
AMI Hogatron 4.3" TFT Einzelglas Schankkopf
AMI Hogatron 4.3" TFT Einzelglas Schankkopf Touch Schankanlage
AMI BHS Pearl6 Touch Schankanlage
AMI BHS Pearl 6 Touch Schankanlage
AMI Hogatron 3.4" OLED Touch Schankkopf
AMI Hogatron 3.4" OLED Touch Schankkopf


Welcome to AUG Elektronik GmbH

Please help yourself and read about our company, products and services.

AUG Logo

AUG Elektronik GmbH
Kleinwoellmiss 53
A-8580 St. Martin a.W.
Tel. 43 (3140) 601-0
Fax 43 (3140) 601-18


Firmenbuchnummer FN 292822 x, Landesgericht für ZRS Graz

VAT ID-Number ATU63360428

Bank account Nr. 05501027949, BLZ 20839, Sparkasse Voitsberg-Köflach

IBAN AT262083905501027949   BIC/SWIFT SPVOAT21

CEOs: Uwe Kriechbaum, Ing. Andreas Schloffer, Ing. Gerald Schloffer

Please dont forget to read our terms of service and our general data protection regulations document (GDPR)!

WKO Infopflicht ECG und Mediengesetz

Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework Partner

Please talk to Ing. Andreas Schloffer.

Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Partner Logo

Windows Embedded Partner

Bitte wenden Sie sich an Ing. Andreas Schloffer.


Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows CE are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries

For some information you will have to register and sign in. Please ask our Admin for your personal account!

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards, AUG Elektronik GmbH.

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